Total turnkey solution
for any type of
medical provider


We are experts in workers’ compensation medical billing. To further enhance our clients’ revenue, Qualified Billing and Collections also provides billing practice analysis and practical strategic recommendations.

  • We are fully transitioned to ICD-10 coding.
  • We review your patient intake procedures, CPT, and diagnostic codes to make certain that your medical services are properly coded.
  • We assess Penalties and Interest for late payment.
  • We provide you with real time, in-depth billing reports.
  • Our insurance verification department reviews and researches all demographic data to ensure accuracy of information.
  • Billing is generated daily and submitted electronically.
  • Printed HCFA with Proof of Service are directly mailed to those insurance companies that do not accept electronic billing.
  • Full access to billing and collections patient database, 24/7, through our cloud based system.
  • Our full time No-Insurance Department searches for missing insurance information.
  • We have Certified Bill Reviewers on staff at all times.
  • All payments are posted line by line every day.


Qualified Billing and Collections is proud of our stellar team of collectors and hearing representatives. The company conducts systematic training in collection techniques with emphasis on interpretation and application of the SB 863, California Labor Code, and Rules and Regulations. Our intense education program and special workshops empower our collectors to argue aggressively and successfully resolve cases.

  • Our collections team works all aged accounts diligently to generate maximum payments on your claims.
  • We timely respond to all claim denials and objections with demands for payment in full.
  • Our large team of collectors are knowledgeable in all types of specialties.
  • We have strong relationships with payers built through years of industry experience.
  • We case watch through EDEX and all available sources that alerts us to any new events.

WCAB Litigation

We have a comprehensive WCAB litigation department that strategically collaborates with renowned workers’ compensation experts to maximize collection results. From the very inception of each case, our expert WCAB legal hearings and representation team is focused on maximizing the amount we collect on every account. QBC is employing hearing representatives in all courts of California.

  • Our representatives cover all WCAB boards.
  • Our fully automated and in-depth calendaring system ensures hearings are not missed.
  • We offer a level of service that no other company does. Every option will be exhausted to win your case, including subpoenaing the patient, all at no additional cost to you.
  • We prepare every file with Stips and Issues, allowing for maximum recovery.
  • We have a proven history of success, most notably an en banc  decision in the case of Guitron Vs. Santa Fe Extruders.

Cash Flow Analysis

Qualified Billing and Collections has a team of highly trained financial professionals ready to analyze a variety of specialties. Our in-house financial team provides clients the ability to forecast their future cash flow.

  • In-depth cash flow analysis of your current billing and collections.
  • Lien exposure and forecasting.